Thursday, September 6, 2007

My big gay crush

I am in love with Tim Gunn. I watched his new show, which I will not bother to review, but he is just so charming that it's conceivable these made over women are feeling better about life simply because they have spent the week with this delightful man. He has inspired me to speak more clearly and use less slang. He would be the perfect grandmother, no offense to mine or to my moms. I may keep watching his show just to remain inspired by his grace. Can a man be graceful?

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Tans said...

Okay, I downloaded the first two epis of this season, and can understand the addiction now. And yes, he fully would be the best grandmother. I like your team. If I were playing, I would probably choose Rami, Victorya, and Kit or Sweet P, just to add some funk in there. :)