Thursday, August 30, 2007

Remember these?

Hey, Mom, remember when you gave me Fashion Plates by Tomy? I loved these. You could create a million different outfits by putting the plates in place and then rubbing with crayon. The flip side of the plates had patterns on them so you could overlay the clothes with patterns. Then color in with pencils and voila!

There was another thing that was similar but came out in the 80s, where there was a figure that you could lay fabric over and when you closed the top, the fabric would form to little shorts or pants and tops, or if you pulled the bottom fabric out, it would be a skirt. What was that called? Anyone?


earthlycreative said...

I loved Fashion Plates! Hours and hours of dreaming, and just plain joy:)

I got goosebumps when I read the second paragraph! I had completely forgotten about that toy..I wish I could think of what it's called. Please post if you think of it, or if someone reminds you!!

Mar Calpena said...

Hey, those were big here in Spain, too! They were called something different but I can't remember its name. I had the figurine thing, too. I actually pestered my parents for a couple of months so that I'd have it as a Christmas present. I spent so much time playing with those I even convinced myself that I wanted to be a fashion designer. My mom was horrified when I called a distance course salesman because "I knew my true calling and didn't really need to go to high school" (fortunately, I didn't have my way. I was 12). So it's been such a wonderful flashback to see that toy again...

Sommer said...

Amazing! I had both of those toys. i totally forgot the name of them!
If you find out what the 2nd one's name is..please let me know.


Sommer said...

I just about had a heart attack!!!! I found the name of the item..

Flip and Fold Fashions...I found a picture too on this blog