Saturday, June 16, 2007

Vacuum chic?

Is this possible? Everyone needs a dustbuster, especially those of us with cats who cut hair at home sometimes and with a penchant to drop/spill/break stuff. Dirt Devil has come up with a great looking hand vac, called KONE. Annoyingly, their ad staff thought it would be a good idea to spell everything on it with a K. Klean, Konvenient, you see. It's awful. At any rate, the vac is good looking enough that you don't really have to put it "away." It comes in many "designer" colors, check Dirt Devil website for the full range. I like the champagne color best.

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Jay said...

Fred and I have a champagne Kone with a "k". I bought it for Fred for Khristmas. He's a bit obsessive about krumbs on the floor, and I'm all about the style. The good news is that it really sucks (in a good way).